12 Beauty Influencers You Should Absolutely Be Following on TikTok

If there's one place you go to find out about all the growing beauty trends people are into these days (well, besides here), it's TikTok. The video-based social media platform is a one-stop shop for people interested in discovering new music, viral challenges, dance crazes, and so much more, but we have to say that nothing beats the makeup and beauty videos we find ourselves scrolling past regularly.

TikTok beauty tutorials (and the talented influencers who create them) are wildly different than most YouTube tutorials we've seen, because aside from the fact that they're way shorter and can hold our attention longer, they also tend to be a lot more playful and creative. If you don't believe us, just take a look at some of the beauty influencers who are currently thriving on the app. We rounded up a few of our favorite makeup and beauty influencers you should absolutely follow on TikTok. Check them out ahead.


Hyram Yarbro

Hyram Yarbro, 24, has over five million TikTok followers who all come to him for trusted skin-care advice.


Dasia Janae

Dasia Janae's makeup skills are super impressive, but what'll really draw you in are her stunning hair transformations like the one above, in which she makes going from wearing passion twists to a bright red wig look way easier than it probably is.


Eleanor Barnes

Eleanor Barnes's TikTok is a combination of her love of beauty and anime. When she's not sharing videos of everyday makeup tips and transformations, she's usually cosplaying as anime characters found in indie comics and television shows.


Challan Trishann

Challan Trishann is a model and official Fenty Beauty house creator. One look at any of her videos will have you itching to switch up your hairstyle or finally try out that vivid color you've been thinking about for a while.


Rowi Singh

Rowi Singh's videos really speak for themselves. The Australia-based influencer is known for creating some of the most stunning eye makeup looks that are often pretty complex and avant-garde.



If you're in the market for fun and easy hair content to follow, look no further than Pershing.


Vanessa Funes

If you're a fan of colorful graphic eyeliner, you should definitely be following Vanessa Funes, aka @cutcreaser on TikTok. Lots of her looks are based on fun things like nostalgia and pop culture moments, from Animal Crossing characters to popular beauty moments from Euphoria.


Danielle Marcan

Danielle Marcan can school on everything from how to make yourself look like Bella Hadid to why we should all be trying to make colored mascara a thing.


Jess English

Jess English is a self-taught makeup artist whose soft, glam looks are just as amazing as her more intricate looks — like this tie-dye makeup tutorial.


Taj Reed

Not only is Taj Reed's TikTok account funny, but it's also basically one big argument for why we should all paint our brows a wild color at least once in our lives.


Ariam Kidane

On top of being one of our favorite TikTokers out there for her daring beauty looks, Ariam Kidane, also known on the app as @iambrattyb, is also hilarious.


Valentina D'Amelio

Known as @bilintinamakeup on the app, Valentina D'Amelio is popular for testing out viral beauty hacks and sharing cute hair tutorials.