Here Are the 11 Best Beauty Hacks We Learned From TikTok

TikTok has many things to keep you entertained for hours: lip-syncing, challenges, new dance moves that few people can keep up with, and — on a more surprising note — plenty of beauty hacks and tutorials. Some of them are a little . . . out there, like the "British girls" makeup videos, for example, but then there are others that are packed with more useful information than you might expect.

Whether you're looking for a way to simplify your morning skin-care routine, learn a new hairstyle, or just want to try something different with your makeup, these beauty hacks on TikTok are sure to help you out. Check out our favorites below.

How to Curl Hair With a Straightener

In a pinch and only have a flat iron? No problem. Achieving perfect curls is super simple thanks to this hack. Just wrap your hair around the outside of the flat iron, pull down, and you'll have curls.

How to Prevent Glasses From Smudging Your Makeup

Glasses wearers know the frustration of watching the nose pads on your specs start to break up your foundation, but as this video demonstrates, the solution is as easy as applying eye shadow primer beforehand (then setting with powder).

How to Do Easy Metallic Nails

If you have any spare gum wrappers lying around, you're about halfway to a cool new manicure. To achieve these metallic nails, crumple up a gum wrapper, peel back the papery side from the metallic side of the wrapper, press the metallic side onto your nail, remove the excess, and boom — shiny, shimmery nails.

How to Contour Your Nose

If you're a makeup pro, you can probably skip this hack. But if you can't seem to figure out how to properly get that perfect contour, this TikTok will walk you right through it.

How to Easily Blend Your Eye Shadow

If you have trouble with pesky eye shadow shades or brushes that just don't blend, try applying translucent powder over the shadow in those areas and blending it out.

How to Tint Your Eyebrows

Longer-lasting eyebrow color has never been easier thanks to this eyebrow tinting hack. (Just make sure to do a patch test on your inner arm 24 hours before applying to your face to make sure you don't have any adverse reactions.)

How to Properly Apply Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo not working out for you? Don't give up just yet. Try this tutorial and watch the oil go away. The trick is all about giving it some time. Simply spray the dry shampoo generously on your roots, leave it in for 5-10 minutes before rubbing it in, and brush.

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

No lip filler needed for this super easy trick. All you have to do is overline the top and bottom parts of your lips, but follow the natural line to the corners. Then, shade in the corners, put on your lipstick, and apply a lighter color to the center.

How to Achieve Bright, Seamless Highlight

Want your highlighter to shine even brighter? Simply use a dampened beauty blender to apply the perfect highlight.

How to Get Fake Freckles

There are tons of tutorials on TikTok about how to fake some freckles with henna and self-tanner, but if you're looking for a more temporary option, try this hack. Mix brown eye shadow and micellar water together, and apply the mixture to your face using a stippling brush.

How to Try Out a New Eye Shadow Look

If you find yourself in a rut of doing the same few eye makeup looks over and over, try out this challenge where you have to create a look with three random colors. Take your favorite palette, number the shades, choose three random numbers, and create a look using the colors that correspond with the numbers you picked. This is a great hack for anyone who wants to change up their look but doesn't know where to start.