Considering a Black-Cat Tattoo? Read This For Design Inspo

For centuries, black cats have undeservedly gotten a bad rap. Sure, they may be a little spooky (especially when they have big yellow eyes), but walking past a black cat brings no more bad luck than walking under a ladder.

Of course, Halloween is near, and black cats may naturally be on the brain. But if you're considering a tribute to these Halloween mascots, make sure a black-cat tattoo isn't just a novelty — they're forever. If it's your first time getting inked or you're just unsure about the design, tattoo artist Asami says she sometimes has her clients draw a temporary design with a Sharpie in the spot they want, just to get an idea of what the real deal will look like. It may feel a little silly at first, but it's better than getting a real tattoo you don't end up liking for the long haul.

Know that if you are getting a big, solid black design and end up wanting to remove it, it might be difficult. On the flip side, she advises against microsize tattoos, as they may not stay as sharp over time.

When you're choosing a design, if you have a specific image in mind (say, of a beloved pet), send the design to your tattoo artist so they can work on a custom piece. Or, since black-cat imagery is pretty common, you could just tell the artist the general vibe you're going for and let them come up with something on their own.

Thinking about a black-cat tattoo for yourself? Ahead, get some inspiration for your ink.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Boxed Black Cat

We love this tiny black-cat tattoo.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Black-Cat Portrait

These two cats make a cute couple.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Baby Black Cat

This black cat is riding a broom.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Black Cat With Sparkle

It doesn't get cuter than this black kitty.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Fuzzy Black Cat

How adorable is this fuzzy black kitten?

Black-Cat Tattoo: Black-Cat Peekaboo

This cute little cat is playing peekaboo.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Creepy Kitty

This one is a little spooky, but the detail is amazing.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Black Cat With Flowers

We love the floral design underneath this realistic cat tattoo.

Black-Cat Tattoo: Witch Cat

It doesn't get more adorable than a black cat in a hat.