Brie Larson Gives a Glimpse at Her New Tattoos on Instagram

Brie Larson being the ultimate source of tattoo inspiration probably wasn't in your 2023 bingo cards, but here we are. On Jan. 16, the actor posted a picture of herself on Instagram and while everything looked business as usual, the tattoo sleeve on her arm was pretty hard to miss.

Larson quickly shattered the illusion, captioning the photo: "What it's like you've never seen temporary tattoos before!" alluding that the new ink might actually be for a new role. The design ran all the way from Larson's left shoulder blade down to her forearm. The design featured a whimsical combination of flowers, clocks, and letters, and in a second photo, Larson revealed that she also had a faux-tattoo of a similar design on her right forearm.

The aforementioned sketches were only a few of the designs spotted but Larson actually had two more. There was a script tattoo on her ankle that read: "don't try to fix me i'm not broken," and another that looked like a figurative portrait on the left side of her abdomen.

While Larson doesn't have any real tattoos, there is still plenty of celebrity-ink inspiration to go around. If you're a fan of tiny tattoos Hilary Duff revealed a matching design with a friend last year that you could easily recreate, but if you're a lover of more bold tattoos Demi Lovato got a spider design on the side of her head with a touching story behind it. While you make up your mind, take a closer look at Larson's faux-tattoos below.