Britney Spears Cut Her Bangs, and the New Look Is Making Us Nostalgic For 1999

Up until this point, and unlike many other stars, Britney Spears had resisted the urge to reach for a pair of scissors and give herself a DIY haircut — but yesterday, she finally gave in and cut her bangs.

Spears posted a photo of her freshly trimmed, curtain-style bangs on Instagram on June 15 with a caption that read, "I did it I finally cut bangs." Since then, she's shared a handful of more selfies showing off her handiwork, proving she's quite fond of her new hairstyle.

Spears first started toying with the idea of cutting her grown-out fringe back in May. "I know I need bangs!!!!!," read her Instagram caption on the close-up shot of her hair hanging in her eyes. "Who would have thought bangs could make you look waaaaay younger?!?!"

Spears has always sported a side bang or long curtain bangs, but this is the first time in a while that she's had wispy curtain bangs that hit right at her eyebrows. Her new look is giving us Britney Spears Rolling Stones 1999 cover vibes, and we love it.

See more photos of her bangs ahead.