Brooke Shields Celebrates Her Daughter's Graduation With Truly Lovely Tiny Tattoos

Brooke Shields is celebrating 18-year-old Rowan Henchy's high school graduation in a special way. Just days after Shields's daughter went to prom in the actress's 1998 Golden Globes dress, the mother-daughter duo shared another sweet moment together by getting matching ladybug tattoos. Thanks to artist Hrukti Kokayi at Stefano's Tattoo Studio in NYC, Shields and Henchy's dream ink became a reality.

Shields opted for her tiny insect to live on her wrist, while Henchy put the dainty detailed art on her ankle β€” a beautiful way to cement the family's loving bond. "A special graduation gift and memory with my girl 🐞 I'm so proud of you, I love you more than words can say," Shields captioned a few photos of their new ink on Instagram. Henchy is embarking on her next adventure as a college student, but she'll always have this shared tattoo to remember her mom by. Get a closer look at the delicate matching art, below.