Joey and Hunter King Set the Standard For Sibling Goals With Dainty Matching Tattoos

Siblings that get inked together, stay together. Joey and Hunter King became the latest example of this motto in action when they got a collection of new tattoos — including one adorable matching design — together in Los Angeles last week. The famous sister duo visited a tattoo artist named Haney to receive a cumulative five tats: Hunter opted for a poppy flower and semicolon on her wrists, Joey chose clasped hands near her hip and a bandage on the back of her ankle, and they both got similar tiny ladybug designs on opposite shoulders. Their dainty inked insects are perfectly connected with a wavy dotted line when the sisters stand side by side, which is just about as cute as it gets.

Joey and Hunter's meeting with Haney wasn't just about tattoos, though — they used it as an opportunity to pay it forward. "We got a chance to collaborate for a great cause," Haney wrote on Instagram. "We decided to make a donation to the @a21 foundation. Hunter & Joey suggested this foundation; which authorizes to secure the freedom of victims and the conviction of human traffickers." She added, "Thank you again to Hunter & Joey for coming in and using their platform to make awareness of victims of human trafficking."

Scroll through Haney's Instagram gallery below to take an up-close look at Joey and Hunter's fresh ink, and then refresh your memory about the meaning behind the rest of the Joey's tattoos.