Butterfly Locs Are the Perfect Protective Styles For Spring — Here's the Proof

Butterfly locs are the most recent edition of faux loc protective styles. The '90s-inspired, low-tension hairstyle uses water wave braiding hair to achieve a more carefree and textured version of the similar faux loc hairstyles. Stars like Ciara and Leigh-Anne Pinnock recently wore butterfly locs on Instagram and quickly inspired us to try this crochet look for spring and summer 2021.

We love how easy and lightweight butterfly locs are, which makes them a better choice for those with tender scalps. Butterfly locs are distinct from other faux loc styles because it uses a different type of braiding hair, according to celebrity hairstylist Molecia George, who designed Pinnock's brown butterfly locs. "With normal faux locs, you use Marley or island twist type of hair, which can be heavy on the head for you," George tells POPSUGAR. "But with butterfly locs, you use water wave crochet braiding hair, which is super light. Secondly, the technique used to create the look for butterfly locs is different from normal faux locs. With normal faux locs, you use the wrapping method to get the hair as neat as possible, whereas the butterfly locs method uses your thumb to create loops and a bit of a messier look."

Butterfly locs are achieved with the crochet needle method, by looping water wave braiding hair through a braid of your own hair and loosely wrapping the wavy hair along the length of the braid to give a freehand and textured look. The little loops that the wavy hair creates along the length of the butterfly loc resemble that of butterfly wings, while the style itself is extremely lightweight.

If you want to try butterfly locs yourself at home, there are a few DIY tips and tricks you need to know. "Watch as many videos as you can if you are planning on doing them yourself," says London-based hairstylist Yasmin Botchway. "And don't make the style too tight, because you have to look after your hair underneath. Only leave the style in for a maximum of four weeks, and then remove."

Before you begin perfecting your crochet technique, George encourages you do a good deep-conditioning treatment on your clean hair, then moisturize with a hydrating leave-in cream and oil your scalp before installing the butterfly locs. Once your hair is all prepped, take some time to separate the water wave curls, so that the hair is easier to wrap once you get started. Botchway also advises to use two mirrors while doing butterfly locs on yourself, for the front and back of your hair, and make sure you have neat and clear partings for the perfect foundation for a polished result.

Keep reading ahead for 11 of our favorite butterfly locs protectives styles.

Black Butterfly Locs

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