8 Photos That'll Make You Want to Jump on the Faux-Dreadlocks Bandwagon Immediately

  • Faux locs are an easy protective style that is perfect for summer.
  • Low maintenance yet stylish, the hairstyle is an alternative to another popular protective style: box braids.
  • There are numerous variations of the style, so ahead, we rounded up some of the best looks for inspiration.

Protective styles come in lots of different forms. There are box braids, designer cornrows, and bantu knots, for starters. While those are all stunning (and extremely summer-appropriate) hairstyles, not too many styles give me heart eyes quite like faux dreadlocks. The style has been around forever, but since Zendaya wore them on the Oscars red carpet back in 2015 (and subsequently wrote a beautiful note on their significance after being mocked on said red carpet), they've pretty much been everywhere — and that's not surprising, considering they're basically the ultimate cool hairstyle.

Faux locs allow you to wear the style without actually having to commit to locking your natural hair for an extended period, and it doesn't hurt that they can also be worn for weeks at a time if you're looking to switch up your style and keep hair manipulation at a low for a while. This tactic is recommended in the summer in particular, as it is a great way to keep your hair maintained without having to pick up any styling tools. "In the summer, it's always recommended to ditch the hot tools and commit to an easy-to-wear (and easy-to-maintain) protective style," Kadeisha Placide, owner of Classic Beauty Studio in New York City, previously told POPSUGAR.

If the style has piqued your interest and you're on the hunt for some spring and summer hair inspiration as the weather heats up, check out a few of our favorite takes on faux-dreadlock hairstyles before you book that appointment.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker