Camila Cabello Completed Her SNL Beauty Look With This Nostalgic Nail Art Trend

Camila Cabello performed one of her latest singles, "Cry For Me," on the Saturday Night Live stage in a costume that could have come from the wardrobe of 18th-century French royalty. Upon further inspection, you might have also noticed that her nail art was fit for a queen, with a design that has taken off as one of this year's most popular trends.

Cabello debuted a high-shine french manicure painted on short nails with square tips. Between her lavish attire and dance routine, it would make sense that you might have missed her manicure during her "Cry For Me" performance. However, it was in plain view when she sang her newest track, "Easy."

While french tips aren't exactly a new look, they experienced a resurgence this year as they took over both red carpets and runways. Check out Cabello's performances and her stunning beauty look ahead.

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Camila Cabello's French Manicure For Her Saturday Night Live Performance

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