Cardi B's New Blond Hair Proves That She Can Work Literally Any Color

Cardi B is out here drippin' in finesse and living her best life from New York Fashion Week to red carpets galore. During her time in the spotlight, Cardi's been anything but "regular, schmegular," often switching her hair color. We've seen her rock an X-Men-esque frosty lilac look, along with jet-black and platinum blond strands.

But on Feb. 18, Cardi showed up to the NBA All-Star Game sporting a subdued honey blond style we've never seen on her before. She shows no signs of ditching the hue, as made evident by several Instagram posts. And why should she? This look is so good, and further proof that Cardi is a beauty chameleon who can pull off just about every style she tries.

Take a peek for yourself at blond Cardi B — then book a copycat appointment with your colorist, STAT.