We Didn't Know These Celebrities Had Freckles Until We Saw Their No-Makeup Selfies

The no-makeup selfies of your favorite celebrities are already enough to make you stop and stare with all of the details they reveal. Some A-listers, however, have put their spots and freckles in the spotlight with their fresh-faced photos — leaving fans in awe, and sometimes even surprised at what they've gotten a glimpse of. While you might be inspired by celebrities' bold beauty looks, wait until you see them without any makeup at all. Check out the celebrities who have revealed their freckles via makeup-free selfies ahead.

Hailey Baldwin's Freckles in Her No-Makeup Selfie

Hailey Baldwin let her freckles shine in this no-makeup selfie.

Kesha's Freckles in Her No-Makeup Selfie

We can't stop staring at Kesha's freckles in this close-up photo of herself.

Bella Thorne's Freckles in Her No-Makeup Selfie

Bella Thorne's many beautiful freckles were on display in this makeup-free selfie.

Ashley Graham's Freckles in Her No-Makeup Selfie

Ashley Graham has posted makeup-free selfies and photos with her with no-makeup makeup on, and she looks radiant in every one of them.

Demi Lovato's Freckles in Her No-Makeup Selfie

Demi Lovato's skin was radiant while she laid on the beach with no makeup.

Bar Refaeli's Freckles in Her No-Makeup Selfie

Bar Refaeli posed for this selfie — with spots and freckles on full display.

Kylie Jenner's Freckles in Her No-Makeup Selfie

Kylie Jenner has posted multiple no-makeup selfies where the freckles across her cheeks and nose were front and center.