These Celebrities Are Bringing Back the Chunky-Highlights Trend in the Best Way

Between the scrunchies, headbands, claw clips, and now chunky highlights, we're not sure if it's 2020 or we unknowingly got into a time machine back to the '90s and early '00s. (Not that we're mad about it or anything.)

Chunky highlights in particular are a hair-color trend that we did not see coming, but George Papanikolas, colorist and Matrix brand ambassador, certainly did. At the start of the year, he predicted the Kelly Clarkson-inspired highlights trend would make a major comeback, and he could not have been more right.

It started with Jennifer Lopez back in March when she debuted the look on her light-brown hair with caramel-blond highlights. Then, more celebrities followed suit and experimented with the thick-highlight trend themselves, like Kaia Gerber, who re-created the look at home by lightening pieces of her hair with hydrogen peroxide.

Ahead, we rounded up all of the celebrities with chunky highlights for you to see.

Bella Thorne With Chunky Highlights

Thorne showed off her chunky blond highlights on her dark-brown hair on Instagram on May 14.

Dua Lipa With Chunky Highlights

Lipa changes up her hair often, but her blond-on-brown chunky highlights lasted for quite a few months.

Jennifer Lopez With Chunky Highlights

Lopez was the first to bring back this color trend in March while working with her go-to celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton.

Kaia Gerber With Chunky Highlights

Gerber experimented with her hair at home by using hydrogen peroxide to lighten sections of her light-brown hair to make it dirty blond.

Kylie Jenner With Chunky Highlights

Jenner's chunky blond highlights are a stark contrast to her dark-brown hair and frame her face perfectly.