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Spring Hair-Color Trends to Try in 2023

10 Spring Hair-Color Trends That Will Have You Dialing Your Salon

Spring Hair-Color Trends to Try in 2023

  • New spring hair-color trends are already popping up for 2023.
  • From "Louis Vuitton brown" to "blush dimension," there are options for every base color and preference.
  • Colorists are breaking down the top seven looks to experiment with in the coming months.

If you missed the "new year, new me" phase of 2023, we're happy to report that you're just in time for the beauty equivalent of spring cleaning: changing up your look. That can come in the form of a new eyeliner technique or lipstick shade, but a more lasting way to shed the old and bring in the new is with a hair color refresh.

Whether you're after a subtle tweak that requires very little maintenance or a bold transformation that is bound to turn heads, there are plenty of spring hair-color trends to choose from this year. We're talking an updated take on "expensive brunette" (not to be confused with "expensive blond," of course), the celebrity-approved copper shade, multidimensional highlights, and so much more.

Don't just take our word for it. Ahead, we asked the hair industry's top colorists to share their biggest trend predictions for spring 2023. You may want to book your salon appointment now.

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