Can't Decide If You Want Bangs? These Celebrities Will Convince You to Take the Plunge

If you've been teetering with the idea of cutting bangs into your hairstyle, the following celebrities might just convince you to take the plunge. As we head into the cooler months, A-listers like Barbie Ferriera, Sarah Hyland, and Alison Brie have all been getting fringe.

Not looking to cut off too much of your hair? Copy Brie's bangs, which she can easily push to the side. Or, should you want a look that is more stand-out, try adding rainbow color to your bangs like Halsey. The options are endless, but more importantly, they're the change you'll want to make for the Fall season.

Check out the most inspiring bangs hairstyles, ahead.

Rowan Blanchard With Baby Bangs

Rowan Blanchard debuted a bob haircut and baby bangs at New York Fashion Week in September 2019, adding another edgy touch to her style.

Sarah Hyland With Wispy Bangs
Getty | Noel Vasquez

Sarah Hyland With Wispy Bangs

Sarah Hyland debuted bangs in August at this year's Teen Choice Awards, where they were split in the middle and pushed to the sides of her face.

Alison Brie's Side Bangs

The GLOW actress posted a photo on her Instagram of her with a short bob and straightened bangs swept across her face.

Halsey's Rainbow Blunt Bangs

Halsey's rainbow bangs is one way to make your hairstyle stand out.

Barbie Ferriera's Short Bangs

"Do we chop off our bangs in the heat of anxiety ladies," Barbie Ferriera said in the caption of her photo that gave her fans their first look at her eyebrow-grazing bangs.

Zendaya With Face-Framing Bangs
Getty | Leon Bennett

Zendaya With Face-Framing Bangs

Zendaya's bangs at the premier of Euphoria framed her face perfectly.

Courteney Cox With Curtain Bangs

The Friends actress posted a photo of her new bangs and subtle highlights with the caption, "Somebody had some free time today in London." She credited George Northwood for the cut.