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7 Best Fall Hairstyle Ideas and Trends to Try in 2021

7 Fall Hairstyle Trends Worth Adding to Your Mood Board, STAT

7 Best Fall Hairstyle Ideas and Trends to Try in 2021
Image Source: Getty / Hanna Lassen

For every messy, straight-from-the-beach, IDGAF hairstyle you pulled out this summer, there's a fall equivalent waiting around the corner to zhuzh it up. (We'd like to think of the season as the Jonathan Van Ness to your fourth-day topknot, but, um, in that fun, equally aspirational way.) The biggest difference this season is that the upcoming trends du jour are dipping into the warm-weather pool of hair ideas, bringing lots of texture inspired by everything from your Netflix queue to the '80s to the front and center.

"During the summer, people tend to let go of the rules and set their hair's natural texture free," said Devin Toth, hairstylist at SGK Salon in NYC. "Hair in fall can be a little more playful, edgy, or even ruffled by a hat and scarf, but ultimately your hair this season will require and deserve a little more je ne sais quoi during the morning preparation, because it won't just be tucked away anymore — it will be at the forefront of your overall style."

From the modern-day perm that creates built-in texture to throwback styles like curtain bangs and bouffants, top hairstylists across the country are breaking down the six coolest hairstyle trends to keep on your radar this fall. It's no Summer Friday or rooftop hang, but maybe looking fresh wherever you go is the next best thing.

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