Your Favorite Celebrities Have Put the Most Creative Twists on the Ombré Nail Trend

Celebrities can't get enough of the ombré nail art trend this Summer. Maybe it's because the concept is so simple (it entails blending together two or more nail polish colors into a soft gradient), or perhaps it's because the look eliminates the guesswork that goes into sticking to just one shade.

The look has been seen in different variations on A-listers like Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa. Jenner combined the look with the negative-space trend, while Lipa created a gradient with two colors.

Check out the ombré nail art looks of Hollywood ahead.

Dua Lipa With Ombré Nail Art
Instagram | DuaLipa

Dua Lipa With Ombré Nail Art

Dua Lipa's ombré nail art blended together cobalt blue and magenta. Her nails spelled out "Sunny Hill" and were inspired by the music festival that takes place in Kosovo (where her parents are from).

Kylie Jenner With Ombré Nail Art

In this look, Kylie Jenner combined ombré nails with the negative-space trend.

Kylie Jenner With Ombré Nail Art

Kylie Jenner used a neon orange hue — one of this Summer's biggest nail color trends — in this look.

Jennifer Hudson With Ombré Nail Art

Jennifer Hudson's nails had orange at the tips. The bright shade gradually faded into beige.

Jordyn Woods With Ombré Nail Art
Instagram | jordynwoods

Jordyn Woods With Ombré Nail Art

Jordyn Woods melted together different shades of orange in her ombré nail look.

Khloé Kardashian With Ombré Nail Art

Khloé Kardashian wore the look as a french manicure.