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Easy Negative-Space Nail-Art Inspiration

Negative-Space Nail Art Is the Easiest Way to Take Your Manicure to the Next Level

Image Source: Instagram

  • Nail art is an easy way to take a normal manicure to the next level.
  • Negative-space nail art is trending because it is easy to do but can still look extremely put together.
  • We rounded up some negative-space manicures from Instagram ahead.

Despite the fact that minimal, pared-back nails are having their moment thanks to Hailey Bieber's glazed-donut manicure trending, sometimes, you just need some nail art to jazz up your look. Yes, baby french, '90s nails, double french, and maximalist designs are currently also trending, but if you need a nail-art look that is a chic as it is timeless, look no further than the negative-space nail trend.

To have a bit of fun with your manicure (and mix up the usual solid single color on your nails), skip the base coat altogether and go for negative-space nail art that feels more personal or even look to the seasons for inspiration. Incorporate your birthdate or zodiac sign for a manicure that is completely your own or pictures of fruit for the summer — whatever design calls to you more.

One of the easiest takes on the trend is a simple yet eye-catching way to change up your nails and experiment with different designs. Dots, dashes, stripes, stars, and more can be painted over your natural nails. (You can, however, also feel free to add a clear or nude base coat of nail polish.) Regardless, whether the nail art of your choice is more neutral-tone or bold, it's all in the details.

Scroll ahead for plenty of negative-space nail inspiration to bring to your next manicure appointment.

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