Allow Us to Convince You to Try Chest Blush

You've heard of rouge for your cheeks, but what about chest blush? It's celebrity makeup artist Sir John's secret weapon for getting a super-sexy flush on clients like Beyoncé and Lori Harvey. Once you learn about his technique, you're going to want to try it immediately.

As far as makeup techniques go, chest blush is fairly simple: it involves intentionally adding color with your favorite blush to your décolletage. "It's a subtle look that speaks to a primal part of our minds when you think about signifiers of health and vitality," makeup artist Ehlie Luna tells POPSUGAR.

Ahead, we dive deeper into why it looks so good and break down the steps to get the look.

What Is Chest Blush?

There's a reason you'll often find supposedly attractive TV and movie characters in chest-baring tops or fully shirtless — especially after some type of physical activity. Whether or not you'd be drawn to them under normal circumstances, there's something about the dilated pupils and flushed skin that makes you a little weak in the knees. Chest blush re-creates the glow your partner has post-orgasm or after a really intense day of physical activity without any of the actual work. "The technique adds dimension and liveliness to the body and more closely mimics how real skin acts with movement," Luna says. "It gives a general feeling of warmth and an all-over flush."

How to Do Chest Blush

For this technique, all you need is your favorite blush and a brush. "Focus on the center of the chest primarily when placing the color," Luna says. "Then, almost haphazardly start swirling and blending it across the rest of the décolleté." Though you are free to interpret this trend as you like, to get a more natural look, you may want to use a blush that mimics the natural flush of your face.

If you're not quite ready to try it for yourself or you just rarely wear clothing with that area exposed, you can integrate the technique in other ways. Luna recommends carrying the blush color you use on your cheeks up to your forehead, as you would a bronzer. "You can add a little bit of color more toward the temples and even hit the chin for an additional hint of pigment that mimics the look of being out in the sun," she says.

Chest blushing adds a touch of something extra to your glam and is an easy way to jazz up an off-the-shoulder top that you already wear and love. Still need some inspiration? Get a closer look at how to do the trend ahead.