Chrissy Teigen Preps For Motherhood With the Ultimate Hot Mama Haircut

You can chat about Taylor Swift's squad all day long, but the star who I want to chill with is Chrissy Teigen. Not only is she absolutely hilarious, but she's also a damn good cook. Additionally, she hangs out with some of the coolest beauty gals in the business — namely, celebrity stylist extraordinaire Jen Atkin.

Chrissy took to Instagram to show off the results of a recent encounter with Jen: a swingy, sexy lob haircut. And it turns out that another one of the stylist's celebrity clients inspired the star's new look! "Asked for the Khloé-Rosie, side of Chrissy Khlosey," Chrissy quipped.

The hair whiz was responsible for creating Khloé Kardashian's glorious textured lob late last year, and Jen has divulged that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's hair is one of her most oft-requested styles. Chrissy combined the two chic looks (and a bit of her own flair!) for a request that resulted in this incredible cut.

Not only is Chrissy's new mane trendy, it also appears to be an ideal wash-and-go look. She's just a few months away from the birth of her first child, and a low-maintenance (yet sexy) style like this one is perfect for the hot, soon-to-be mama.