30 Christmas-Tree Nails to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

With the holiday season underway, there's no better time for a festive manicure. There are plenty of easy nail-art designs you can try at home this winter, like a simple french manicure or half-moon nails, but for the month of December, we like to go for something a bit more detailed. Snowflake nails are a classic winter design, but Christmas-tree nails have a special place in our hearts.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Can Christmas nails really be stylish?" have no fear. We thought the same until we laid an eye on these designs. Christmas trees are incredibly versatile, and these nail artists' interpretations are nothing short of uniquely beautiful. From minimalist takes on the design featuring tiny green trees to colorful metallic creations, there are so many different ways you can take Christmas-tree nail art.

We took to Instagram to find the cutest, most creative Christmas-tree nails to inspire your next nail-salon visit. This roundup features options for all nail shapes and lengths, guaranteeing that you'll find a look you love. Keep reading to see 30 of the best Christmas-tree nail-art ideas ahead.

— Additional reporting by Clara Amelia

Christmas-Tree Nails: Gold Trees

These nude nails with gold-lined Christmas trees are perfect if you're looking for a minimalist manicure.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Minimalist Tree

Speaking of minimalist manicures, you can never go wrong with a single Christmas tree on one nail.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Silver Tree

If you'd prefer to steer clear from the traditional Christmas color palette of red and green, try a pink, white, and silver manicure instead.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Split Christmas Tree

These Christmas-tree nails are sleek and simple.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Hand-Drawn Christmas Trees

This Christmas-tree manicure is perfect for short nails.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Mini Tree Pattern

For another minimalist holiday manicure option, try nude nails with tiny Christmas-tree nail art on just one nail.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Black-and-Gold Trees

Make a statement with your holiday manicure by incorporating different Christmas designs on each nail. You can also use contrasting colors on each hand for an even bolder look.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Swirly Christmas-Tree Pattern

For an abstract look, try this swirly Christmas-tree pattern, which incorporates a V-cut french tip on two fingers.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Ornaments and Christmas Trees

With ornaments, reindeer, Christmas trees, and cable-knit designs, this holiday set will be a conversation starter.

Christmas Tree Nails: Silver Glitter Tree

Less is more with this neutral set featuring an abstract, silver Christmas-tree nail design.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Minimalist Silver Tree

These gorgeous Christmas nails feature tiny silver rhinestones on a milky base with a glittery finish.

Christmas-Tree Nails: French Tips With Christmas Trees

This tiny Christmas-tree nail-art design is perfect for those who want to spread the holiday cheer in a subtle way.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Small Christmas Tree

We're obsessed with minimalist Christmas-tree nail art atop a nude, glossy base.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Abstract Christmas Tree

Put a creative spin on your Christmas tree nails by drawing using wavy lines in the shape of a triangle.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Colorful Christmas Trees

If shiny red-and-green nails aren't your thing, opt for a neutral manicure with colorful, linear Christmas-tree nail art.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Traditional Christmas Tree

This holiday manicure, featuring glitter, red polish, rhinestones, and a single green Christmas tree, is as classic as it gets.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Christmas-Tree Pattern

To make your Christmas-tree nails stand out, try a tiny white Christmas-tree pattern over a dark-green base.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Red and Green With Silver Christmas Trees

If you want to keep things playful, try this red-and-green Christmas manicure with trees made out of silver glitter.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Green French Tips

Use a green french tip to spice up your otherwise minimal holiday manicure.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Wallpaper Tree Pattern

Emulate holiday cottagecore vibes with this short, green Christmas-tree manicure inspired by the wallpaper-nails trend.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Gold Christmas Trees

This gorgeous holiday set features gold Christmas-tree nail art on top of glossy, pink nails.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Gold Christmas Trees

Use glittery nail polish to form trees at the tip, giving your nails a reverse V-cut french-manicure design.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Rhinestone Christmas Trees

Your manicure will steal the spotlight at your holiday work party when you incorporate a Christmas tree made out of rhinestones.

Christmas-Tree Nails: Pastel Christmas Trees

Ditch the traditional holiday color palette of green and red and opt for something softer like this pastel design.

Christmas Tree Nails: Presents and Christmas Tree

Incorporating a present on one finger and a Christmas tree on another makes your manicure extra festive.

Christmas Tree Nails: Pink Glittery Christmas Tree

This short, glittery set featuring a wavy Christmas tree is perfect for anyone looking to stick to a pink theme.

Christmas Tree Nails: Classic Christmas Tree Designs

Incorporate other holiday must-haves into your manicure, like a candy cane and snowflake, to really dress up your Christmas tree nails.

Christmas Tree Nails: Green Christmas Tree

There is no such thing as too much glitter when it comes to Christmas tree nails.