Ciara Is Feeling "So Proud" of Her Hair Growth After It Was Damaged by Relaxer in Her Youth

Ciara is proud of her hair growth. After sharing a few photos of herself with waist-length pigtails, the singer later took her extensions out to show her natural hair in an intimate video. "I just took my hair down from my two pigtails, and I'm so proud because my hair is growing," she said.

In the caption, Ciara explained she had received a relaxer treatment in her youth, and unfortunately the chemical straightener damaged her hair and caused it to fall out. "I was devastated," she wrote. "I never thought my hair would grow back."

She didn't divulge any details on how she got her hair back to a healthy place, but said she would be sharing her "secrets" at a later time.

Ciara's candid hair progress video comes days after she shared a selfie of herself with "no makeup" and "no extensions." She added, "Finally embracing myself fully! It feels good." Ciara then encouraged her followers to share their "rawest selfies" to potentially be included in a project for her forthcoming album, Beauty Marks, out May 10.