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Extralong Hair Extensions Trend

This Extreme Trend Takes Hair Extensions to New Lengths, Quite Literally

Extralong Hair Extensions Trend
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Forget those 22-inch clip-in extensions you occasionally reach for on nights out. This year, hair extensions are being stretched to the limit. On the red carpet, celebrities are taking their length to extremes — to the butt and beyond (and nothing above that).

It all began at the Met Gala, when a number of stars wore extensions, wigs, and weaves that cascaded down the back. Since then, we've seen this look everywhere, from Jennifer Lopez's superglam appearance at the MTV VMAs to the knee-skimming look that's become Nicki Minaj's 2018 trademark.

So would you wear this look? Minaj may be brave enough to rock these lengths in the middle of the day, but it could be more difficult when you don't have a hair stylist on standby. Few people are lucky enough to to be able to get this look naturally (even with all the magical hair growth potions Pinterest can supply), but a good salon should be able to source you some extralong extensions if you are in the market for hair you can sit on, wrap around your waist, and whip back and forth to your heart's content. Ahead, see some of the stars who've made XL hair look damn easy.

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