The Artist Who Invented "Hair Nails" Answered All Your Burning Questions on 'Ellen'

There are still a couple of months left in the year, but we're calling it early: "hair nails" is one of the biggest, most memorable beauty "trends" of 2017. The mastermind behind it, Korean visual artist Dain Yoon, has caused such a stir that none other than Ellen DeGeneres recently invited her to showcase her art on TV.

Along with hair nails, Dain also presented her viral self-portraits featuring trippy, multiple versions of herself painted on her face. "That took more than three hours," she told Ellen when shown her work on a projector. Insanity.

Luckily for us, Ellen asked all the burning questions you must've wondered while scrolling through Dain's feed. First, does she go in public with her multiple faces? Turns out, yes! "I went outside with this look and I saw a baby crying seeing my face," she said. Second, where does the hair for her selfie-nails come from? "This is my own," she responded. Lastly, and most importantly, how does she do literally anything with hairy nails? "It's really uncomfortable," Dain admitted. "I cannot eat any noodles."

That being said, she did have a pretty amazing message for what inspired her to start painting portraits. "She loves herself so much. That's why she draws on herself," Dain's translator said.

If not for her wild beauty looks, perhaps her positive attitude is something we can all copy. Watch the whole interview, below.

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