Demi Lovato Switches Up Their Look With Blunt Bangs and a Bob

Demi Lovato is no stranger to a hair transformation, but their latest look proves they can truly make any hairstyle their own. After sporting a series of edgier rock-star haircuts to match their new artistic direction, the "Holy Fvck" singer debuted a sleek shoulder-length bob with blunt bangs in their new music video for "Substance," which arrived on July 15. The jet-black cut appears to be a wig, but Lovato may want to consider rocking the look full time.

In fact, the singer wore their hair in the same bob-and-bangs combo on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday evening. In a TikTok video before the "Kimmel" appearance, Lovato revealed they hit their head on an amethyst crystal on accident, resulting in a cut above their eyebrow. Though they did get three stitches prior to the show, perhaps the singer reached for the wig from their "Substance" music video to cover up the scar.

In just the past few months, Lovato has shown off multiple haircuts at various lengths, as they've always been open about expressing themselves through their beauty looks. At the end of June, they unveiled a shag haircut on Instagram, after a run with a mullet. Back in January, they began the year with a buzz cut to mark a fresh start. Though Lovato has experimented with bangs in the past — famously during their time on Disney Channel — this combination is a new one for the musician. Get a closer look ahead.

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Watch Demi Lovato's "Substance" Music Video