This Is What Would Happen If Gossip Girl Characters Dressed Up as Disney Princesses

Christy Doramus
Christy Doramus

Spotted on the Upper East Side: Little J, B, and S decked out as Disney characters. Looks like Halloween came early for these real-life princesses.

We got to the bottom of this rumor to discover that flower-crown genius Christy Doramus (you know her as Crowns by Christy) and her fabulous team (Kate Sands and Olivia Anton)created headbands for the ultimate Gossip Girl-loving Disney fiend.

For this shoot, seen on Christy's blog, the crew features Jenny dressed as Alice (of Alice in Wonderland), Serena outfitted as Elsa, and Blair taking on Snow White.

"I was inspired by how we can use our everyday clothing to create a fun and easy Halloween costume," Christy told POPSUGAR via email. "All you need is the perfect headpiece to complete your Halloween look. We wanted to dress up as our favorite characters while channeling our inner Gossip Girl."

We also got the breakdown on how she crafted each headband.

Alice: "I attached black velvet ribbon onto a plastic headband with hot glue," Christy said. "I tightly wrapped the ribbon on a diagonal around the headband. I used the ribbon and cut pieces to make a bow shape, which I attached to the velvet headband with hot glue."

Elsa: "I picked up a tiara and jewels from a craft store. I then used thin wire and looped the jewels onto the crown at varying heights."

Snow White: "I attached red leather ribbon to a plastic headband with hot glue. I tightly wrapped the ribbon on a diagonal around the headband. I then used a variety of silver and red jewels and constructed a bow shape before attaching it to the leather headband."

If you love this idea, you can either DIY or order a customizable one from Crowns by Christy (price upon request; email

Or just keep reading to see more images of this adorably chic costume idea! XOXO