Très Chic — Dua Lipa Ditched Colorful Nail Art For a Classic Deep French Manicure

When Dua Lipa shares one of her showstopping mirror selfies, it's really a toss up of where to look first. Her long braids? Her cute earrings? Her cropped sweater? This time, our eyes went straight to her trendy French manicure. In her most recent collection of Instagram photos, Lipa shared a close-up look at her nails, and after seeing how she put a twist on the classic nail design, we're ready to bring a screenshot directly to our manicurist. Her long, square nails were shaped with round corners and had deep white tips. Très chic.

It feels like more than ever, celebrities are putting their own spin on the French manicure. This week, Lizzo flaunted a fabulous gold-tipped French manicure in a stiletto shape. And earlier this summer, Dove Cameron took the classic design and flipped it sideways with a colorful "side tip" French manicure. Now, Lipa is making the classic style look fresh as can be with deep tips.