Glitter French Manicures: The Sexiest New Twist on Classic French Tips

Of all the early-2000s-era trends we've seen resurface in the last few years, it's the french manicure that has made the biggest comeback. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, and Dove Cameron (to name a few) have helped repopularize the trend, even adding their own spin with colorful designs, slanted tips, and more. One of our favorite versions of the trend that's been all over our Instagram feeds as of late? The glitter french manicure.

The glitter french manicure looks exactly how it sounds: like the classic but with glittery tips instead of white (although the look can also be customized to fit the design elements of any other version of the trend like the double french manicure, for example). Think of it as the chic, much sexier cousin of the traditional look that's perfect for any season.

To get a look at some inspiration to bring to your next nail appointment, check out some of our favorite takes on the glitter french manicure trend ahead.