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3 Classic Fall Makeup Looks I Wear Every Year

I Return to These 3 Classic Fall Makeup Looks Every Year — Here's Why

3 Classic Fall Makeup Looks I Wear Every Year
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I'm always down to road-test a buzzy makeup trend, but there are a few classic beauty looks I very clearly favor every fall. In fact, I consider them nearly synonymous with the autumnal season — right there next to pumpkin spice lattes, cable knit sweaters, and apple picking.

As long as I have the right products by my side, I can count on these looks to help me feel put-together and confident. Plus, I've found they pair well with all of my fall fashion staples. And, thanks to their steadfast popularity, I can always find a tutorial to help me brush up on my skills.

Keep scrolling to find out my favorite three makeup looks and why they'll always make my rotation.

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