Emilia Clarke Loves to Break This 1 Beauty Rule

There are some cardinal style rules: no white after labor day, stay away from mismatching prints, only wear glitter in the nighttime. We're not sure who came up with these rules, but we like to think there was some medieval sartorial convention way back when. Of course, most of the fun of these absolutes is breaking them. Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has become a patron saint of giving beauty tradition the middle finger via her most colorful beauty habit.

If you can manage to peel your eyes away from Clarke's beyond-sexy red carpet gowns (and many badass jumpsuits), you'll notice that the Solo actress doesn't play it safe in the makeup department, either. You've probably been told that red and pink don't go together — but thankfully, Clarke didn't listen. She usually pairs both hues in lipstick and blush combinations.

While the look is definitely bold, it's surprisingly versatile, too. The colors manage to work with the many different hair colors Clarke has sported over the years, from chestnut brown to Daenerys-inspired icy blond. Read on to see how the master makes a compelling case for ditching conventional style wisdom.