Emily Ratajkowski's Fall Hair Color Is the Subtle Red Hue We Never Knew We Needed

Emily Ratajkowski shared news that she's expecting her first child on Vogue's November digital cover, and between the chic, burnt-orange slip dress she's wearing and her vibrant reddish-brown hair color, she's a picture-perfect vision of fall.

Blame it on my job as a beauty editor or the fact that I have my own hair appointment coming up next week, but it took me a minute to register that Ratajkowski was pregnant when she posted the announcement on Instagram on Oct. 26 because I was too busy thinking to myself, "Wow, her hair looks amazing." Since she's a natural brunette, we're used to seeing Ratajkowski with dark hair, but this auburn-brown shade lately is giving me major fall hair inspiration.

This season, many people are spicing up their hair color with festive tints and highlights to refresh their look. "Spiced gold," "amethyst brown," and "chocolate almond" are just a few of the biggest fall hair-color trends for brunettes this year, but Ratajkowski's auburn hue might be my favorite of all.

Keep scrolling for more photos of her reddish-brown hair color.

Cass Bird | Vogue