If You Hate Applying False Eyelashes, This TikTok Hack Might Be For You

When it comes to makeup, there's one tiny detail that can take your look from zero to 100, and that's your eyelashes. Whether you've been blessed with naturally thick lashes or you've found a mascara that lengthens and adds volume, it makes a huge difference. For anyone who needs a little extra help in that department, false eyelashes are a popular option, but for some people, the application process can be intimidating — if not virtually impossible to get right.

If you've never been able to successfully apply false eyelashes, don't worry: TikTok has a hack for that. Beauty creator Adrián Ríos recently showcased a video where he used an eyelash curler to easily and simply apply fake eyelashes, and the video quickly went viral. (Yep, an eyelash curler.) Since he first posted his video, it's amassed more than two million likes and tons of beauty influencers and TikTok users have tested out the hack for themselves, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

You'll need a few things to test the hack for yourself: an eyelash curler, brow wax, eyelash glue, a clean spoolie, and of course a strip of your false eyelashes. You'll want to start off by cutting your false eyelashes down to size to make sure they fit your eye shape. If your natural eyelashes are straight, you'll also want to make sure you curl them before starting the rest of the process.

First, place a small amount of brow wax onto your eyelash curler, then set your false eyelashes on top. Ríos comments in his TikTok video that "the brow wax is necessary because it's strong enough to hold the lash into position while you're opening [the eyelash curler] and putting it on your eye, but it's not stronger than the glue." When placing your false eyelashes on the curler, make sure the lashes are placed on the eyelash curler facing outward, the same way they would be facing if you placed them directly on your eyelashes.

Next, dab a tiny bit of eyelash glue onto the clean spoolie and run it through your eyelashes, so the glue sticks to the underside of your lashes, not the eyelid. You can also apply the glue directly to the underside of your eyelashes without the spoolie, but users have commented that the spoolie helps with precision. The last step is to take your eyelash curler and line it up underneath your lashes (where you placed the glue) and curl them onto your real lashes.

TikTok users have become obsessed with the hack, which takes less than five minutes to master, and multiple videos of people re-creating the look for themselves have gone viral. If you're someone who struggles with applying false eyelashes, this might just be the hack to finally make you a falsie-application pro.