Watch These Fake Bangs Tutorials If You Want to Switch Up Your Style Without the Commitment

Bangs are . . . pretty polarizing — especially when you're considering cutting them yourself. But now that we're spending a lot of time at home, we can definitely understand why the act has been a bit tempting for a lot of people. Just look at Miley Cyrus and Rosalía, who both cut themselves some wispy bangs earlier this week. Of course, you should feel free to express yourself and experiment with new styles as much as you can or want while you're social distancing — but in the event that you're considering getting bangs but don't want to commit, there's a reasonable alternative that you should keep in mind: fake bangs.

Fake bangs are extensions cut into a fringe that you can create without actually chopping off your hair. They're perfect for anyone who needs a temporary hair change, and they're more convenient at a time like this when you can't get your stylist to cut them for you (or call them up if you ended up cutting them incorrectly). It's also surprisingly easy to make them look real, which you can mostly do by hiding the fake bangs by other sections of hair.

Before you reach for a pair of scissors, take a look at some promising fake bangs tutorials ahead.

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Fake Bangs Tutorial

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Fake Bangs With Ponytail Tutorial

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Fake Bangs With High Bun Tutorial