Miley Cyrus Cut Her Own Bangs in Self-Isolation and Compared the Results to Tiger King

Miley Cyrus has been very productive during self-isolation. In addition to starting her own mini talk show on Instagram Live called Bright Minded, she's also decided to give herself a DIY bang trim, and her candidness on the result has us rolling.

On her Tuesday episode of Bright Minded, Cyrus talked all things self-care with hairstylist Justin Anderson and special guest Kristin Cavallari and revealed she cut her own bangs with a pair of scissors she found in her home. She then compared her final results to Joe Exotic from Netflix's Tiger King docuseries, which resulted in Anderson, Cavallari, and fans alike exploding with laughter.

Instagram | mileycyrus

Cyrus first debuted her mullet haircut back in January of 2020, but the new and improved version, courtesy of the amateur stylist herself, features bangs that are much shorter than before. She made a case for experimentation while you're at home but gave a caveat to that with a PSA to all of her fans to not cut your bangs at home, no matter how tempting it is.

Instagram | mileycyrus

Cyrus even took to her Instagram stories to share a super-relatable Tiger King beauty meme of Exotic's mullet with the text "Wayyyy to real," underneath. Let's be honest, Miley is all of us right now in self-isolation — if anyone can pull off this look, it's her.

See more photos from Cyrus' DIY bang trim, ahead.