5 Makeup Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Here's something you might be surprised to hear: fall is right around the corner. The best part of the season, in our opinion, is all the new fall makeup trends that emerge as the weather starts to cool down.

The makeup looks that will be everywhere this year are not the quintessential matte skin and muted tones you've seen in seasons past. Instead, you can expect eye-catching plays on color, new takes on dewy skin, grungy dark lip colors deep purple and maroon, and more. While no one is asking you to give up your pumpkin spice color scheme or ditch the classic red lip, we do encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone with the latest trends.

As hard as it may be to put away your shorts and flip-flops, it's time to brush up on your makeup skills with trends that will have you looking forward to September. You won't even mind having to bundle up in layers again — they're that good. Ahead, we asked a handful of makeup artists to share their top fall makeup look predictions. Keep reading for a breakdown of what should be on your radar.

Fall Makeup Trends 2023: "Tumblr" Makeup

Say goodbye to the clean-girl aesthetic and make room for "marinated" makeup. Marinated makeup, also known as "Tumblr" makeup, is all about edgy, grungy beauty that looks like you slept in it. The trend typically features luminous skin that looks almost greasy, paired with heavy, dark eye makeup.

"Basically, the clean girl has traded in her lip oil and mascara for smudgy eyeliner and lipstick," beauty influencer Victoria Lyn proclaimed in one viral TikTok video explaining the newly popular aesthetic.

Fall Makeup Trends 2023: "Latte" Makeup

Put simply, the latte makeup trend embraces the colors most often seen in the coffee drink. "The latte trend is a monochromtatic look focused on creamy browns on the eyes, lips, and cheeks," celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick previously told POPSUGAR. "You'll see lots of matte shades being used most, but I'm starting to see shimmery spin-offs too."

Fall Makeup Trends 2023: "Cloud" Skin

Gone are the days of dry, matte, full-coverage complexions. Instead, prepare for the rise of cloud skin this fall. "We have been seeing a rise in the use of makeup as skin care and dewy, glow-from-within bases," Melissa Collazo, makeup artist and Omnia beauty coach says.

Chantel Miller, director of artistry and digital content at MAC Cosmetics, previously told POPSUGAR: "Cloud skin is the idea of perfect matte, plump skin — not necessarily the idea of a foundation-like finish." She described it as "youthful and baby-like," emphasizing that this isn't an overtly makeup-y makeup trend.

Fall Makeup Trends 2023: Eye Embellishments

Bejeweled eyes have been trending for the last few months, and it doesn't look like they'll disappear from your social media feeds anytime soon. "Whether it's just a surprise pop of sparkle or fully bedazzled eyes, embellishments being used as makeup are a huge trend for fall," Collazo says. The trend looks best paired with undone skin and a subtle lip — this allows your eyes to really steal the show.

Fall Makeup Trends 2023: Neon Liner

There just may be one product in your summer makeup bag that you can bring with you into the fall months: neon eyeliner. Popular during festival season and perfect for a post-beach-day night out, neon liner looks will be trickling off the runway and straight onto your fall mood board.

"Thanks to trends set by shows like 'Euphoria,' we'll be seeing neon take over the beauty scene this fall," Collazo says. "You can create anything from a sharp cat eye to the most intricate graphic liner."