3 Natural Hair Trends to Try This Fall, According to a Hairstylist

We've always said that one of the most beautiful things about natural hair is its versatility. You can cut, color, and style it in a variety of ways that always end up looking gorgeous. So when we asked an industry pro about the natural hair trends that deserve a spot on everyone's mood boards this fall, we weren't surprised to be presented with a handful of styles that flatter every length and texture.

This has been quite a year, and as a result, you can expect many people to spice up their hairstyles during the fall season by going big with bold colors, creative cuts, and everything in between. "Fall hairstyles are going to get bigger, even more creative," celebrity hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew tells POPSUGAR. Think: colorblock hair hues, bigger-than-ever curls, and more.

Now that fall is officially on the horizon (and the accompanying seasonal hair changes are imminent), we asked Sturdivant-Drew which natural hair trends we should prepare to see everywhere in the coming months. Read ahead for some of her picks.

Natural Hair Trend: Blown-Out Curls

We all love a twist out, but have you ever tried one on blown-out hair? According to Sturdivant-Drew, stretched curls are a perfect style to wear during the fall months, and they're especially great for those who are just beginning to experiment with their natural hair.

Fall 2021 Natural Hair Trend: Blown-Out Curls

"This look is easy and can be painlessly detangled using a high-quality brush that's made especially for textured hair," she told POPSUGAR. (She likes the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Detangler Naturally Curly Detangler.)

Fall 2021 Natural Hair Trend: Blown-Out Curls

Just make sure to also use a heat-protecting product (a favorite of ours is the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray) if you're planning on blowing out your curls.

Natural Hair Trend: Colorblocks

According to Sturdivant-Drew, "colored hair sections using bold colors like green and pink will be extremely popular" this season. If coloring your whole head is too big of a commitment for you, try adding a bold pop of color to any one section of your hair or even experimenting with multiple blocks of color at once.

Natural Hair Trend: Colorblocks

Color can be damaging if not done properly, so if this is a style you're hoping to experiment with, just make sure to see a professional who'll give your hair a bold boost without damaging your curls in the process.

Natural Hair Trend: Short, Textured Cuts

We give a lot of credit to seasonal hair-color changes, but sometimes a haircut is all you need to really start fresh. A tapered haircut, for instance, is an edgy haircut that's typically longer in the front but shorter on the sides and back of the head, which makes it both easy to style and fun to wear.

"Cut it, line it up, and let your natural hair be free on top," Sturdivant-Drew says. "It's about the cut with many lines that shows off your natural texture."