This Blogger Stopped Shaving Her Body Hair and Now Lives Her Most Comfortable Life

When fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas was in middle school, she was bullied during gym class about having hair on her legs. She went home after school and cried to her mom begging her to teach her how to shave, but years later, she made a personal decision to stop shaving and she's finally living her truest life. "I'm not trying to make all of humanity just stop shaving their armpits and leg hair anymore," Morgan said in a YouTube video explaining why she quit shaving. "I just want to inspire others in what works for you, what makes you feel the most comfortable."

She said that the number one reason why she stopped was because of the time it took. "One day, I was like, why am I doing this anymore?" and that was it for Morgan. She stopped shaving her legs over a year ago and has never looked back. Society puts pressure on women to look a certain way, but Morgan explained she is leaving her body the way Mother Nature intended.

"When I would let my leg hair grow out in the past I would feel dirty, I would feel kind of ashamed because I just didn't feel feminine," she said. "So, then I would feel obligated to go shave my legs so I would feel good and feel sexy, but not anymore. Honestly I frickin' love my hair, I love my body hair, I love the hair that grows on my body. I just like being my most natural and human self."

Since she stopped shaving, Morgan has been more comfortable than ever before. Her boyfriend encourages her and thinks she looks beautiful with or without hair, but no one should be ashamed of their body hair and Morgan wants her followers to know that. "I just think it's unfair to people who think they have to be in this norm, this culture norm," she said. "You just do whatever makes you feel good."

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