Frank Ocean Shared His Skincare Secrets, and Honestly, Everyone Should Take Note

GQ | Alasdair McLellan
GQ | Alasdair McLellan

A note to men everywhere: Frank Ocean would really like for you to stop sleeping in your day face. In a cover story for GQ's February issue, the singer shared his nighttime skincare routine and talked about why he thinks more men should wash their faces before bed.

"I feel like men just go to sleep. They may wash their face or they don't even bother — they go to sleep with the day face on," he said. "You really need to do a gentle wash and put a night moisturizer on." Retinol, Frank explained, makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, which is why you'd be better off using a night cream with the ingredient in it rather than a daytime moisturizer.

"I need the night cream because when I wake up I feel very beautiful, moisturized and ready to have people making eye contact with me, ready to look above my eyebrow, below the eyebrow," he said. "That's the life hack right there."

Frank isn't the only member of his family who pays close attention to the condition of his skin — his mother has passed along a tip or two of her own. "My mom told me years ago that you gotta get somebody to stitch the silk inside the lining of the cap so it doesn't irritate your skin, 'cause your skin is sensitive," he said, talking about knit hats. "I didn't listen to my mom, but I really do believe in a night cream."

Despite the love he has for moisturizers, Frank admits that he doesn't have all the answers, though he knows of another person who might. "It's been all these years, and Pharrell still hasn't given us the keys yet. He just says 'exfoliate,' but it's not just 'exfoliate': We need more keys."