This Cool Innovation Allows You to Rock Temporary Freckles For 48 Hours

When I was in elementary school, there were three beauty attributes I always wished I had: curly hair, glasses, and freckles. My hair is still stick-straight and I regretfully now need glasses to see more than a foot in front of my face. Freckles, however, remain elusive. I've tried using an eyeliner pencil to create faux spots, but they either look large and blotchy or dangerously like blackheads . . . pass. Turns out, I just needed to wait for my mid-20s to get the realistic beauty marks I craved.

The Kickstarter campaign Freck Yourself has created a natural-looking method to apply fake freckles — and they'll last for days. The set includes triangular, stick-on stencils and a rollerball of freckle formula, which is similar to self-tanner. Apply your triangle appliqués in the pattern that you like best, like across the nose and cheeks. Smooth the formula over them, and lift off the stickers. You'll see a beautiful smattering of spots that look legitimately real (see above for an example).

Freck Yourself has partnered with product formulators at Cosmetix West (who have worked with big names like GlamGlow and Philosophy) to create this patented beauty-mark brew, so you know it's probably pretty excellent. You can snag your own Freck Yourself kit on the Kickstarter page for just $28, but unfortunately, you'll have to wait until February to receive it. To get yourself psyched for your set to arrive, read on to see how to use it and a video of how it works.