This Woman's Hilarious Video Is the Perfect Example of Why At-Home Waxing Is a Nightmare

With most salons and spas around the country temporarily closed, many of us who subject ourselves to the pain of waxing are only left with a few options: shaving, letting our body hair do its thing while patiently waiting until it's safe to visit our aestheticians again, or taking the plunge and waxing ourselves. An Instagram user named Molly Lee recently documented herself attempting to do the latter, and, as you could have guessed, it was nothing short of hilarious.

In her five-minute video, Lee explained that she ordered an at-home waxing kit while sheltering in place before attempting to wax her upper lip and her eyebrows. "Now would be a good time to tell you that I've never gotten my upper lip waxed," she said just seconds after applying hot wax to the area. From her wincing in pain every time she removed a strip of wax to the wax breaking in her hand when she tried to pull it, let the video be your reminder of how waxing at home is not nearly as easy as it looks.

Watch Lee's full video above for a quick laugh.