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Garnier Serum Creams Skin Care Ingredient Routine Quiz

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Does your routine feel incomplete? We've partnered with Garnier to share the "It-gredients" that may be missing. Take this quiz to discover which one you should try first.

No two skin-care routines are the same — or at least, they shouldn't be. While it's fun to ask friends for product recommendations or impulse-buy a mask because it's trendy, there's a lot to be said for a personalized routine that caters to what your skin actually needs. But where should you start? Our suggestion: the ingredients.

Just like your taste in celebrity crushes, your skin's need for certain ingredients evolves over time. This month you might really need the pore-clearing benefits of niacinamide, but next year your skin might desperately crave the plumping power of watermelon extract. To avoid the tedious trial-and-error process, discovering the ingredient your skin needs right now is as easy as taking this quiz.

What’s yourfavorite way todiscover newproducts? Through a savvyfriend! Skin-care studies— I’m up to dateon all the research My FYP on TikTok From a dermrecommendation Reddit, it’shiding so manyskin-care secrets Instagram, obviously Your biggestskin-care faux pasis: Ingredient overload Not drinking enoughwater Layering harshchemicals Never exfoliating Not wearingsunscreen, ever Skipping crucialsteps What’s yourbiggest skin-carestressor? Hyperpigmentation New wrinkles Dehydration Clogged pores Acne scars Dryness For you, a skin-careroutine should feel: Energizing Refreshing Calming Reparative Brightening Hydrating A day off for youlooks like: Doing a crosswordpuzzle Soaking in a hotbath A trip to thefarmer’s market Restorative yoga Tending to indoorplants An at-home mixologylesson Which place bestdescribes your dreamvacation? Costa Rica San Francisco Denver Dubai Capri Tulum