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Welcome to the new POPSUGAR Family! We've created a place that celebrates and supports every type of family, no matter how it's built — where anyone raising a child can feel an instant sense of community. We're here to help you feel better and be better, just like family should.

What the IVF Sperm Donor Selection Process Is Really Like
What It's Really Like to Pick Your Baby's Father Through a Donor Bank
by Nicole Janok
How to Prepare For Motherhood When You've Lost Your Mother
My Mom Died When I Was 6; Now My Stepmom Is Showing Me How to Love My Daughter
by Lacey Johnson
Transracial Adoption Experience
Personal Esssay
How Being a Transracial Adoptee Shaped — but Nearly Shattered — My Self-Identity
by Carrie Carrollo
Choosing to Have a Baby With a Surrogate
How I Came to the Difficult Decision to Have a Baby Through a Surrogate
by Anonymous
Sutton Foster Interview About Adoption and Motherhood
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