Gigi Hadid Looks Like a Gothic Princess in Summer's Shadiest Lipstick Color

It was 95 degrees in NYC on July 20, so most of us countered the record-breaking heat by pretending we were anywhere else. We wore soft pink lipsticks that reminded us of more refreshing weather. Not Gigi Haidd.

Instead, the model took her makeup inspiration from a quintessential New York sight: the cement sidewalk. Wearing gray lipstick (and nails to match!), Gigi looked like a '90s goth princess, and showed us again just how much she loves taking style inspo from the decade that she was born in.

While we were sweating our tuchuses off and taking Starbucks breaks just for a much-needed blast of AC, Gigi slaying the beauty game. Judging from her perfect look, maybe the key to sweat-proof summer beauty is gray lipstick. We won't know for certain until we try it ourselves, so here are four gray lipsticks for when you're feeling too moody for a Summer pink.