I Tried This 1 BB Cream and I Don't Have to Wear Foundation Anymore

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While I do love makeup, I've always, always struggled finding a great foundation that fully covers my stubborn dark spots, which has made me despise trying products. While I have been treating my scars using serums every night, I still have to deal with them during the day, which has meant caking up my face with foundation. I quickly became frustrated with (a) how much time was getting wasted every morning applying it and (b) the aforementioned cakey feeling I get even when I don't apply that much product. Enter Guerlain's BB Cream.

I discovered this miracle product, which released back in 2016, while I visited the brand's spa in Dubai, and let me just say it felt like the universe was finally saying, "Hey! You deserve this, girl." I actually bought the product on a whim (I was currently on a facial high since my skin looked so great after getting one), but I'm so glad I did. Now, mornings are easier and getting ready takes half the time it used to. All I have to do is just apply a pump on the back of my hand and brush it onto my face like I would with foundation.

The product is super lightweight, which is great if you don't want to deal with that sticky feeling all day. Plus, it saves me from applying both sunscreen and highlighter because it literally makes my skin look like it's clear and glowing. If you're looking to ditch your foundation like I did, you can buy a tube of this goodness ahead.

Wearing the BB Cream
POPSUGAR Photography | Nikita Ramsinghani

Wearing the BB Cream