This Stylist's Impossibly Intricate Hair Masterpieces Will Blow Your Mind

Instagram | georgiykot

We're always pushing ourselves to master new beauty skills. For the past few years, we've been focused on stepping up our braid game. We've re-created styles from Game of Thrones, tried our hand at more bohemian looks, and even learned how to fatten up a puny plait without extensions. But Sochi, Russia-based master stylist Georgiy Kot makes our skill set look impossibly basic.

You see, Kot isn't really your typical salon employee — he's practically a wizard. He went viral last year when he posted a video of how to make a hat out of hair, but he's not a one-trick pony! Out of seemingly simple braids and waves, he manages to coax the most incredible flowers, ribbons, and bows.

We can only imagine how many gallons of extreme-hold hairspray Kot goes through a week — how else could he accomplish such mind-bending mane manipulation? — but it seems worth it to us. He is a true hair artist. Read on to get inspired by his masterful coif creations.