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Baby Bardot Bangs Hairstyle Trend: See Photos

"Baby Bardot Bangs" Are the Answer to Fringe in Summer

Baby Bardot Bangs Hairstyle Trend: See Photos
Image Source: Getty / Raymond Hall

If you've been painstakingly trying to find your signature summer hairstyle, bangs are probably not high on the list. Not only are they slightly more high maintenance than other styles — requiring monthly trims and styling time in the morning — but they are also almost guaranteed to stick to your forehead if you sweat.

Luckily, there is a stylish solution: "baby Bardot bangs." Inspired by the effortless, parted-down-the-middle look Brigitte Bardot was known for, this fringe is a slightly shorter (but equally carefree) version of the hairstyle that can easily transition into the hotter months.

"Baby Bardot bangs are a modern take on a classic hairstyle in the '70s, inspired by the actor who made these retro, curtain bangs a fashion statement that would hold up for many years to come," celebrity hairstylist Barry Lee Moe and Unite hair ambassador tells POPSUGAR. "Baby Bardot bangs are slightly shorter than a classic curtain bang, but they still have the same overall shape. They elegantly frame the eyes, gradually getting longer as they reach the top of the cheekbone."

Though these bangs are definitely easy to achieve in the summer, a certain TV show may be an additional reason as to why the look is trending again: "After the recent success of "Pam & Tommy" on Hulu, Pamela Anderson's hairstyles have been trending on social media sites like TikTok, Instagram," Moe says. "Pamela was known for her iconic, baby Bardot fringe, and I think that the younger generations are finally catching on to the trend. [This hairstyle] looks good on everyone because it's a classic shape that can be worn in many different lengths."

As for what to ask for when you're in the salon chair? "When you go to the salon, ask your stylist for a classic curtain bang with a slightly shorter cut," Moe says. "The center of the bang should rest just above the top of the brow when dry, gradually getting longer toward the side of the face." Then, it's all about maintaining the look at home: "For a full, face-framing look that drapes gently over your eyes, use your favorite round brush to gather the hair in the center of the forehead, and then blow it out." Finish with a mist of hairspray to hold the style in place.

If you need more convincing to give this retro style a second life, keep reading for our favorite baby Bardot bang inspiration ahead.

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