This Is the Half-Up Hairstyle Every Cool Curly Girl Is Wearing

The half-bun hairstyle started as a lazy fashion-girl style. The recipe: part gym-ready bun, part beach waves. Now, naturals have adopted the look, polishing it up as a chic way to wear day-three curls or extralong extensions.

This half-up hairstyle is ideal for women with thick hair who couldn't possibly fit all their strands into one topknot (without snapping a few hair ties). First, part your hair from ear to ear. The back section should be a bit bigger than the front portion. Use a pomade or gel to smooth strands back into a sleek bun. You can use a doughnut for a perfectly round bun. If your hair isn't long enough to achieve this topknot, you can cheat with a few clip-in coils from CurlSistas. Read ahead to get more inspiration from curly girls rocking the style.