Upgrade Your Half-Up Topknot This Summer With These 15 Ideas

It's easy to see why the half-up topknot has become a go-to Summer hairstyle: not only does it take a simple, short process to create, but it also proves practical — keeping your hair out of your face through most summertime activities.

The look can take different forms, from undone and messy to structured and architectural. It's friendly for all hair textures and the addition of hair accessories. If you are looking for ways to switch up your half-up hairstyle and have no idea where to begin, check out our favorite ideas ahead.

Messy Half-Up Topknot

The messy half-up topknot has taken over Parisian streets and is your easiest take on the hairstyle. Celebrity hairstylist and T3 brand ambassador Laura Polko recently showed POPSUGAR how easily it can be achieved with just a curling wand and an elastic.

Half-Up Topknot With Braids

Working in braids — like these single twists that flow from the actual knot or the strategically placed braids shown ahead — is a simple way to upgrade the Summer hairstyle.

Half-Up Topknot With Your Natural Texture

Elevate your half-up topknot with the volume created from your natural curls, kinks, and waves.

Half-Up Topknot With Hair Accessories

Adding hair accessories like hair jewels, chains, and scrunchies is a quick way to make your half-up topknot shine.

Structured Half-Up Topknot

Instead of a loose knot, twist your topknot slightly tighter and into a coil to give it a more structured feel.