Halle Berry's "Supermodel" Nails Give the Trend a Fun Spin

Halle Berry has consistently been a source of beauty inspiration since the '90s and that statement has only become more true as the years have passed. On July 23, the actor posted a picture of her nails on Instagram and, of course, she took a trending color and made it her own.

Courtesy of celebrity manicurist Kim Truong, the look in question was a classic "supermodel" manicure. Berry's nails were filed down to a square shape and painted a translucent shade. The manicure felt perfectly timed with the minimalist beauty boom that is currently taking place in Hollywood, but Berry took it a few steps further. She added star decals on each finger in various colors for a subtle but fun twist.

Supermodel nails initially dominated in the '90s fashion space, and have been trending once more. Current versions of the look have been spotted on stars like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Coolidge, and Sofia Richie. Minimalists all over social media are hailing the look as the epitome of the old-money aesthetic.

If you're on the hunt for your own supermodel nail, a polish like Essie's Skinny Dip ($10) is perfect. Should you be looking to add your own flair like Berry, designs like french tips, "blush" art, and chrome finishes can make your version one-of-a-kind. Take a closer look at Berry's nails below.