20 Halloween Costumes With Wigs to Inspire You This October

Some people find costume wigs to be too itchy, difficult to keep on straight, or hot. But hear us out, because when it comes to Halloween, there's no better way to nail your costume's accuracy — and to have some fun — than by wearing faux hair.

For those who have struggled with wigs in the past, the most common problems can easily be avoided by knowing the proper way to choose and wear this costume accessory. It's often worth it to pay a bit more for higher-quality hair — the cheapest ones are often made of synthetic materials that will be hard to work with, especially if you're hoping to customize the style. To avoid your real strands spilling out, pin it back and use a wig cap. And if you're worried about your new hair staying put throughout the night, you can always use a headband to secure it in place.

If you still need some convincing (or just some inspiration), we've put together our favorite Halloween costumes including these head toppers. Whether you're feeling villainous like Cruella de Vil or spunky like Black Widow, these ideas will make you want to try out a new hairstyle — even if it's just for one night.

Costumes With Wigs: Effie Trinket

This blond wig puts the perfect finishing touch on this costume of Effie Trinket.

Costumes With Wigs: Merida

If you're thinking about dressing as Merida for Halloween, check out how perfectly this wig finishes off the entire look.

Costumes With Wigs: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is known for her signature blond bob, so if you're thinking of dressing like her for Halloween, a wig is definitely necessary!

Costumes With Wigs: Nurse Joy

Fans of Pokémon will love this Nurse Joy costume, complete with a pink wig.

Costumes With Wigs: Mystique

Once you've completed the blue body paint, the red wig seems like a breeze, but it's totally necessary for costumes of Mystique!

Costumes With Wigs: Emily ("Corpse Bride")

Although this "Corpse Bride" costume would look great with any hair color, the blue wig and matching blue flowers really are perfection.

Costumes With Wigs: The Mad Hatter

This Mad Hatter costume just wouldn't be the same without the orange wig and matching orange eyebrows, don't you agree?

Costumes With Wigs: Harley Quinn

Not everyone is down to dye their hair blue and pink, so if you're looking to complete your Harley Quinn costume, a pigtail wig is a definite must.

Costumes With Wigs: Princess Leia

A lot of us wish we had hair long and thick enough to twist into Princess Leia buns, but for those who don't, this wig is perfect for completing your Halloween costume.

Costumes With Wigs: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon's hairstyle is iconic but definitely difficult to achieve. This Sailor Moon-inspired wig is perfect for anyone who wants to dress as the crime fighter.

Costumes With Wigs: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a classic Halloween costume, and this blond wig perfectly finishes the Disney princess look.

Costumes With Wigs: Cruella de Vil

You can't dress up as Cruella de Vil without her classic white-and-black hair. If you're not down for a permanent look, a wig like this one is definitely the way to go.

Costumes With Wigs: Rapunzel

Most of us weren't blessed with hair as long and luscious as Rapunzel's, so for those of us who need a little extra help, this wig does most of the heavy lifting.

Costumes With Wigs: Starfire

This pink wig puts the perfect finishing touch on this Starfire costume.

Costumes With Wigs: Shego

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me — and if you wanna dress like Shego, you'll definitely need a long black wig!

Costumes With Wigs: Hades

If you're looking to dress like the Disney version of Hades, you'll need blue hair. Either grab the hair dye or a fun blue wig!

Costumes With Wigs: Beast Boy (or Bae)

Not only does Beast Boy have green skin, but he also has green hair! A green wig is a necessity for this costume.

Costumes With Wigs: Lavagirl

This pink wig is the perfect addition to this Lavagirl costume. Now all you need is to find someone to dress up as your trusty Sharkboy sidekick.

Costumes With Wigs: Elsa

If you can't seem to "let go" of the idea of dressing up as Elsa for Halloween, make sure you grab a white-blond wig to top off your costume.